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Seaplane Tender 206

Seaplane Tender 206 - 1/12 scale Model

The Real Seaplane Tender 206

The seaplane tender came about partly because there had been an accident involving a Seaplane in which all passengers and crew died owing to the usual boats not being able to attend quick enough.

So it was decided that new and faster boats were needed.

This Seaplane Tender was developed and built by The British Power Boat Co and evaluated by T E Shaw (Lawrence of Arabia) To assist passengers and crew to and from Seaplanes in the 1930`s.

It also served in the second world war as a fire and rescue boat. After the war it was sold off and seemed to disappear off the map. It was eventually found in Cornwall after having several owners. It was in a very bad condition by then.

The last owner decided to rebuild her back to her initial condition and then it was taken to the RAF Museum at Hendon, London.

One of the pictures shows the original boat and the other is of the model I built the  to 1/12 scale from plans supplied by

Tony Burton

A member of the Cleethorpes MBA