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HMS Hermes

This is a brief description of the model by its owner Glenn Shipman.

The model took 3 years to build on a 1/96 scale with Sirmar hull and fittings.

The island superstructure,deck,lifts and some fittings such as radars are scratch built.

Working features include helicopter rotors and navigation lights, also the ships navigation,island,hull and deck landing lights,

The funnel also emits steam.

The ship itself is a replica of the last Centaur class light fleet carrier HMS Hermes and depicts her as the Falklands Task Force Flagship circa 1982.
all pictures are by our club photographer John Carter.

checking closure coming-in dock-2 dock-3 dock HMS Hermes maiden voyage HMS Hermes-ashore HMS Hermes-head-on HMS Hermes-in-the-box HMS Hermes-rear HMS Hermes Launch-1 size-comparison Splash
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